Is my machine worth fixing?

It's hard to answer that question without seeing the machine first, to determine the cause of the problem and estimating the repair costs verses replacement cost, but if you call with your make and model number and the problems you have now and maybe a little repair history on your machine, sometimes we can make an educated guess. 801-294-5686

Questions?????????????? Asked a lot!

How much would you charge to fix my machine?

It's hard to say without seeing the machine first, to determine the cause of the problem, but we can tell you our labor rates.  No in shop services anymore. All mobile, at your site.  Our rates vary from $85 per hour (South Davis County-Salt Lake County) up to $ 250per hour depending on your location.  Call us with your city and we can tell you 801-294-5686

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Do you sell service contracts?

Yes, but we prefer to call them maintenance agreements, ("Contract" is a scary name to me") for certain machine makes and models and they must be pre-qualified.  If your machines qualifies, typically we need to determine the number of pages you print/copy then you pay for that number of pages or 1 year whichever comes first.  If you use up that number within, say 6 months your coverage ends and gets renewed again at the same rate at that time or doubled to last for a full year for convenience.  If you do not use up the pages during that first year, the next year is decreased to match the number of pages you did the previous year, so you are not paying for pages you didn't print.  Call us to see if your make and model is one that we cover, if not we will service it on a per call basis at our regular labor rates plus parts and toners needed.  Call today 801-294-5686

What machine or brand of machine do you recommend?

There isn't any one brand that is better in all categories and sizes of machine.  We are currently rebuilding Kyocera machines in the category of machines that are capable of 11x17 size paper and commercial mid-high volume output,  These machines are awesome. In smaller machine, like desktop, Canon has some good ones. Samsung has some good ones and even HP has some good ones, but they all have less than good ones too.  Call us, so we can determine what model would work best for you.   801-294-5686

I heard that you give free service on laser printers, Is that true?

Yes it is true, well kind of.  Most models of laser printers and a few models of copiers or multifunction machines we offer no charge on labor for repairs if you are purchasing enough refilled/compatible toner cartridges from us, usually as low as 3 toners per year black and white and as low as 3 sets of colors for color machines. If your machines qualifies, you only pay for parts if needed and the toner cartridges. Call us today to see if your machine qualifies  801-294-5686

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