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We sell new, refilled and compatibles toner cartridges for almost all makes and models of copiers, laser printers and multifunction machines.

We stock and can deliver to you most of the more popular models and what we don't have in stock we can usually get what you need within a couple days and at very competitive prices too!

If you buy enough toner cartridges form for qualifying machines you can get free service on that machine. call us for details.

New Machine Sales

Small & Large

We are a third party service company, which means we are not and authorized dealer for any particular brand, but we have distributors that we have partnered with to deal in many brands and models.  We prefer to sell the makes and models we feel are more reliable, but if you have a model you would like, through your own research, call us to see if we can get that one for you and probably save you some money on it.  Most new machines take 2-3 days to get in, set up and then deliver to you.  We do stock some new machines at our own shop for quicker delivery to you.  call to see if we have a machine that will work for you!

Free Delivery

To most northern Utah areas. 


Call to see if you are in one of those areas. 


I bet you are!

We Come To You!

Unless you wanna come to us.

Refurbished Machine Sales

Factory & CopyDoc

We pride ourselves in rebuilding the most reliable machines available by any manufacturer, but we choose which models to rebuild based on our vast service knowledge of every make and model with todays modern technology. We then disassemble each machine down to the frame, so there is nothing but metal frame, wires, shafts and gears left on the machine, we now blow it out with compressed air, then a thorough dry wipe down and wet cleaner wipe down. All exterior covers are washed and scrubbed for a new look. All major components related to the image process are replaced with new parts along with any other parts deemed necessary to replace. The machine is the  reassembled, tested and adjusted for best performance

Factory refurbished machines are available from time to time as they become available.  They are usually desktop size machines that someone has purchased from one of the big box stores and had a problem with that machine, sometimes never used it and maybe had a broken tray or something went wrong during replacement warranty time. The machine was returned to the store and then sent to the manufacturers facility for repairs or replacement of broken parts.  That machine is then boxed up as if new, but now sold as a factory refurbished machine at lower prices than new.


Delivery Included

with every machine we sell,

new or used.

We don't care where you are, cause if you're too far away the cost will be built right in to the price of the machines

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We service & repair nearly all makes and models of copiers, laser printer, fax machines and multifunction machines with scanners at what could possibly be the lowest labor rates around.

Call us for our labor rates in your area